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With routine car service Watford, you can enjoy an uncompromised handling experience and driving safety throughout the year. Most manufacturers recommend availing car servicing after set intervals of 6 months to 1 year as a precautionary measure. This will help to detect any underlying issue at an early stage and save you from costly repairs and replacements in the future.

YE Corner Tyres is a highly sought-after car serving workshop, serving vehicle owners in and around Watford. We can cater to the servicing requirements of any vehicle segment most efficiently. Furthermore, we are equipped with technologically advanced tools and genuine OE-grade spares, which enable us to conduct the most efficient checks, repairs and replacements without taking much of your time.

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Interim car service

Our interim car service is specifically designed for car owners who drive more miles in a year. We recommend our clients opt for an interim car service and car repair Watford after every 6000 miles or after every 6 months, whichever comes first. Our Interim car servicing consists of 50 essential checkpoints, some of which are:

Oil change-

If the engine oil is polluted or not within its optimal recommended level, it will fail to lubricate the engine parts properly and impair their performance. Our experts, therefore, change the engine oil as well as the air filter during the service.

Tyre check:

Our experts will also check your car tyres. They will check the tread depth, tyre pressure and also look for signs of damages which can be a potential threat to your on-road safety. If required, they will inform you and recommend you to get the tyres replaced with new ones.

Apart from these, our interim car check also includes:

    • Light checks
    • Coolant top-up
    • Inspection of brakes, etc.

Full car service

We recommend our clients avail a full car service and car repair Watford after covering 12,000 miles or after every 12 months, whichever comes first. Our full car service regimen consists of a total of 77 checks, including those covered under our interim services. Some of these are:


Our experts thoroughly inspect all the crucial components of your car's suspension system, like shock absorbers, springs, bushings, struts, linkages, etc., to ensure there are no critical underlying issues. If we find any, we will replace the damaged component with new spares to ensure you can enjoy an uncompromised car handling experience.

Exhaust system:

We also check the exhaust components like the muffler, tailpipe, oxygen sensors, catalytic converter, etc., thoroughly.


A malfunctioning battery can lead to sudden car breakdowns and also hamper the functioning of the electrical components. Therefore, we check the fluid level, charging system, wires, cables and terminals of your vehicle's battery and carry out all the necessary repairs and replacements to ensure it functions optimally.

Apart from these, our full car service also includes:

  • Under-body checks
  • Cambelt check
  • Inspection of the clutch
  • Replacement of air filter and fuel filter, etc.

Advantages of routine car servicing

Routine car service Watford offers a number of advantages:

    • It improves the roadworthiness of your car and ensures your vehicle can pass the MOT in one go.
    • Routine oil and coolant check and re-fills also improve the engine’s performance and its life span.
    • Car servicing also helps to improve the fuel economy of your vehicle. With smooth functioning of all essential car parts, the engine will not have to burn extra fuel to perform its tasks, and therefore, ensure better mileage.
    • It will ensure you a smooth and safe car handling experience in any road condition.
    • A regularly stamped service book increases the re-sell value of a car.

Therefore, do not waste any more time searching for car servicing near me and come to us.

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