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Are You Looking for MOT Test Watford for Your Vehicle

An MOT test is a government-mandated annual assessment (for cars over three years old) which is presently administered by the DVSA. It determines the roadworthiness and safety of your vehicle. In case your car fails to adhere to the set standards, you would not be able to drive it legally.

Are you in search of a garage that conducts MOT Watford? Your quest is now over with YE Corner Tyres- a DVSA-certified and reliable destination for MOT for Class 4, 5 and 7 vehicles.

Class 4, 5 and 7 vehicles

    • Class 4: This includes private passenger vehicles that do not have more than 12 seats. Moreover, this category covers goods and services vehicles that have a gross weight of not more than 3,000 kg.
    • Class 5: This includes passenger cars, ambulances, motor caravans, etc., with at least 13 seats.
    • Class 7: This covers goods vehicles that have a Dry Gross Weight not exceeding 3,500 kg.

If our technicians detect issues while performing MOT check Watford, all of these problems are segregated into three categories- minor, major and dangerous. In case your vehicle has minor issues, it will still be able to pass its MOT test. However, if the issues are identified as major or dangerous, your vehicle will not be able to clear the MOT test. This means, the car must not be driven until all faults are repaired and a partial re-test had been carried out. If the car is taken to this re-test within ten days after the test failure, it is free of charge.

How is an MOT test Watford carried out?

To start it off, our certified experts will check MOT history of the vehicle to pinpoint any recurring issues that might be there. Please note that an MOT test is more or less the same for all classes of vehicles. In the next section, we’ll discuss in detail a few of the checks carried out during the test.

Fuel and exhaust:

This is a crucial check that is performed by our technicians. They thoroughly inspect the different components of your car’s exhaust system, which includes the catalytic converter, oxygen sensors and more. Besides checking these parts, our experts also inspect your vehicle’s fuel system.

Steering system:

An MOT test Watford involves assessing the condition of your vehicle’s steering system. In case the steering fluid levels or power steering sensors are not as per the set standards of the DVSA, your car will fail its MOT test.

Suspension system:

All parts of your car’s suspension system, including the shock absorbers, struts and bearings, must be in optimal condition to pass the MOT Watford.

Seat belts:

Seat belts are essential for your safety. Hence, a lot of attention is given to your car’s seat belts. They should fit properly and be free of rips or tears. In case your vehicle’s seat belts have loose anchorage, it will result in an MOT failure. Hence, it’s imperative to make sure that your car’s seat belt is in optimal condition before opting for an MOT Watford.


Your car’s lights must be properly functioning at all times, or else, your safety might be jeopardised. All the internal and external lights of a vehicle must be in working condition to ace the MOT test.


A malfunctioning braking system is one of the most common causes of MOT failure in the United Kingdom. MOT checks involve a rigorous inspection of this system to identify issues that can put your safety at risk. If the brake pedal, handbrake or brake pads are not in optimal condition, the vehicle will not be deemed roadworthy.

YE Corner Tyres is trusted by many car owners in and around Watford for its accurate MOT testing as well as efficient pre- and post-MOT Watford services at reasonable prices.

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