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Are you looking for Suspension for your vehicle?


In order to enjoy optimum steering response and a comfortable driving experience, it is extremely crucial to undertake a routine check of your car's suspension system from a reliable workshop. Underlying issues in the suspension system or worn-out shock absorbers can jeopardise your on-road safety.

At YE Corner Tyres, we offer you a comprehensive suspension check at an extremely cost-effective price. We are equipped with cutting-edge tools and genuine OE-grade spares of various makes and models, and therefore, can offer replacements for any suspension part, like struts, linkages, shock absorbers Watford, etc.

Warning signs of a faulty suspension system

  • One corner of your car sits lower than the others
  • Greasy shock absorbers
  • Difficulty to drive in a straight line
  • Issues with wheel alignment
  • Increased jerks on applying the brakes
  • Vehicle is “nose-diving” when braking
  • Compromised steering precision

If you notice any of the above mentioned symptoms, do not waste your time searching garage for car suspension repair Watford and avail our expert assistance at the earliest. Any delay can cause severe damage to the suspension components and lead to costly repairs in the future.

What makes our suspension repairing garage stand out?

Our experts are extensively trained and use all the latest equipment and tools to inspect and fix your car's suspension system Watford.

Here is a list of essential components that we check:


Linkages are rods that help the wheels to revolve at a fixed angle and offer a stable steering experience.


The metal springs in the suspension system help to balance the car’s stability while driving on uneven surfaces.

Struts & shock absorbers-

shock absorbers Watford and struts help to neutralise the external impacts or shocks to ensure you have a safe car handling experience.

Bearings and joints-

These components join the control arm to the steering rods, reducing friction and providing a safe steering response.

suspension system Watford - YE Corner Tyres!

We will ensure that all the components are working perfectly. In case we find any issue, we will replace the part with OE-grade spares for utmost safety.

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