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The Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) is a mandatory feature in Class 4 and Class 5 vehicles since 2012. Manufacturers install dedicated sensors on car wheels that continually track tyre pressure data. They send the information to the car’s ECU whenever any tyre’s pressure falls below 25% of the recommended psi level, which in turn triggers the TPMS warning light on your car dashboard.

These sensors, however, can sustain damages for various reasons like harsh environment, battery issues, etc. A malfunctioning TPMS can be hazardous for your safety, and opting for a TPMS sensor replacement Watford is a necessary course of action.

YE Corner Tyres is a professional car workshop offering TPMS sensor replacement efficiently at market-best rates. We use OE-grade spares for replacements to ensure reliable performance. Therefore, you can now safely end your search for TPMS replacement near me in and around Watford with us.

Types of TPMS

Direct: Sensors are fit on the car wheels which directly and continually track tyre pressure and transmit these data to your car’s ECU. It then triggers the TPMS warning light in case of any discrepancy in readings.

Indirect: This type of TPMS depends on the speed sensors of your car’s ABS. They collate data including tyre revolution, vibration and other details to track tyre pressure indirectly.

Regardless of the type of TPMS Watford in your vehicle, our professionals at YE Corner Tyres can help.

Causes of TPMS sensor damage

Physical damage:

TPMS sensors Watford are vulnerable to damages due to rough external conditions and climatic changes throughout the year. Extreme temperatures damage transmission coils considerably, which can cause erratic TPMS warnings.

Exhausted batteries:

Another common reason behind the functional lapse of TPMS sensors Watford is depleted sensor batteries. In such cases, we recommend a sensor replacement as the batteries are sealed deep inside and cannot be removed separately.

Galvanic corrosion:

TPMS valves are usually installed on pure aluminium valve stems. When these come in contact with ferrous particles, water vapour, etc., they become susceptible to rust and oxidation. This results in galvanic corrosion, and you might have to opt for a TPMS replacement Watford soon.

How often do you need TPMS sensor replacement?

Like any other component, TPMS sensors come with a definitive lifespan. However, various factors like the ones mentioned above can lead to premature damages. Under such circumstances, it is recommended to opt for a TPMS sensor check Watford once a year.

TPMS replacement is generally necessary every 5 years or 10,000 miles, whichever comes earlier.

Moreover, it is advisable to replace TPMS sensors whenever fitting new tyres and calibrate the same accordingly for enhanced on-road safety.

Experts recommend availing TPMS sensor replacement from a professional garage as it requires in-depth knowledge of sensors and other critical software.

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