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Are you looking for Tyre Repair for your vehicle?


Replacing tyres frequently due to minor damages can be a costly affair. One of the most cost-effective alternatives to this is opting for a tyre repair Watford. However, repairing tyres is not a DIY-friendly task. It is a complicated process and requires extensive professional understanding to ensure safe results. Therefore, it is imperative you visit only an expert garage to repair your car's damaged tyre.

Here, at YE Corners Tyres, we offer you the most advanced tyre repair Watford services at an extremely affordable rate. Our expert professionals can repair most damages that afflict a tyre. Furthermore, we are equipped with cutting-edge tools that improve our work's efficiency and preciseness and assure you of the best-in-class results.

Hurry! Get your damaged car tyres repaired from our workshop without searching any further for “tyre repair near me”. We will thoroughly inspect the tyre and determine the right course of action.

Is it possible to repair all tyre damages?


There are some strict parameters that we have to check to ensure that your car's tyre is safe enough to be repaired. These are:

    • The tread depth of your damaged car tyre must be at least 1.6 mm.
    • If the damage is due to a puncture, it must not be more than 6mm in size.
    • There must not be any damage to the tyre's sidewall.
    • There must not be any exposed chords.
    • The structural integrity of your car's tyre must be intact.
    • A tyre previously repaired using a DIY kit must not be repaired
    • Run-flat tyres - even if they still look good, must not be repaired as they change structure after being driven on with a puncture

We strictly follow all legal rules when undertaking a tyre repair Watford service.

Your safety will NEVER be compromised!

Therefore, in case, we cannot repair your tyre, we will explain- and show you why, and advise you to get the tyre replaced.

Tyre repairing methods that we follow

Being a responsible tyre repair garage Watford, we will first thoroughly inspect the nature and extent of damage your car's tyre has sustained. We will then accordingly repair it with one of the three methods given below:


For this, we will not have to un-mount your car's tyre. We will simply shove in an adhesive coated piece of rubber on the damaged section. When your car tyre rolls and generates heat, the adhesive will get vulcanised and turn into a permanent seal.


Our experts will first un-mount the tyre. Next, they will insert a piece of leather coated with adhesive and attach it to the damaged section. This adhesive will get vulcanised and turn into a permanent seal when the tyre rolls and generates heat.

Plug and Patch:

Here, too, our experts will first un-mount the tyre. Next, they will insert an adhesive coated piece of rubber attached with a leather tail into the damaged area. The experts will then use the leather tail to thread the gap and plug the hole to seal it completely.

Further, in case the tyre damage is due to a puncture, we will strictly abide by the BS AU 159 guidelines for safe and accurate repair.

Therefore, please, once again, do not follow any DIY-friendly tyre repairing guides you find online and rely on our efficient services instead.

If possible, come to our workshop for repairs, otherwise, you can also book an appointment with us by calling 01923 510 506, and we will come to you.

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