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Before you do, make sure you choose tyres of the right size.

The tyre size of your respective vehicle segment is determined by collectively considering several crucial factors. Hence, it is essential that you abide by the manufacturer recommended tyre size for maximum safety and optimal driving experience.

Being a responsible garage, we at YE Corner Tyres, extend end-to-end assistance to our clients and help them choose the right fit of tyres for their vehicles. We also guide you to understand the complex alpha-numeric size code so that you can make an informed buying decision.

Car tyre size explained

Let us take a sample to understand tyre size better - 205/65 R16 95V.

    • The first three-digit number in this above code indicates the tyre width. This is expressed in millimetres.
    • Next, the number 65 reflects the aspect ratio. In simpler terms, it is the profile height of the tyre, which is expressed as a percentage of the tyre width.
    • Letter "R" in the above code illustrates the type of construction. Here, it is Radial. In other models, you may find letters like "B" or "D". In that case, it will reflect Bias-belt or Diagonal Cross Ply, respectively.
    • Next, ‘16’ reflects the rim diameter. This is expressed in inches.
    • Number ‘95’ in this code stands for the load index. This reflects the maximum weight this respective tyre model can sustain when it is inflated optimally.
    • Lastly, “V" reflects the speed index of this tyre model. In this case, the maximum speed you can drive with these tyres is 149mph or 240km/h.

It is always ideal to avail expert assistance as even a slight mistake in reading tyre size can severely jeopardise your vehicle's performance. It will directly impact the rolling resistance, fuel efficiency and braking performance.

Therefore, we recommend you to come to us.

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