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RoadX Tyres

RoadX tyres Watford have become a popular option among car owners for their durability and affordable rates. This company utilises the latest tools and technology to provide an improved handling experience while ensuring your on-road safety at the same time.

Are you in search of RoadX tyres near me? Your search ends here with YE Corner Tyres – the most reliable provider of vehicle-related products and services in this area. Our extensive inventory includes a wide range of tyres manufactured by this brand to fulfil your driving requirements.

Purchase tyres online or offline!

You can come down to our facility and make a purchase. Alternatively, you can place an order via our website after looking at the different options available in our inventory.

Also, instead of getting your new RoadX tyres Watford fully fitted at our facility, you may choose to opt for our mobile tyre-fitting services. Book this option with your online order or give us a call on 01923 510 506 and we will come to the location of your choice.

Different types of RoadX tyres

Here are the popular options to consider if you’re looking to buy RoadX tyres Watford:

Summer tyres

These variants are manufactured using a hard rubber compound provides reduced rolling resistance and matchless grip on dry and wet tarmacs. Furthermore, these RoadX summer tyres come with a unique tread pattern that reduces the probability of hydroplaning.

Our bestselling summer tyre by RoadX: RXMOTION H11

Winter tyres

Winter tyres produced by RoadX are composed of a softer rubber compound that provides matchless traction and optimum grip on ice and snow. Furthermore, the unique tread design ensures unparalleled braking performance in extreme road conditions during the coldest months of the year.

Our bestselling winter tyre by RoadX: RXFROST

All-season tyres

Are you tired of swapping your car’s tyres every six months? Opt for all-weather variants by RoadX. These tyres possess the characteristics of both summer and winter variants and provide optimal handling performance in moderate temperatures. Composed of a silica-infused rubber compound, all-season tyres ensure superior grip and reduced rolling resistance on both dry and wet tarmacs.

Our bestselling all-season tyre by RoadX: RXMOTION 4S

Besides these variants, we also retail RoadX’s 4x4, performance, and run-flat tyres.

Thus, your search for the best car tyres Watford is finally over. Visit our facility at Unit 21A Moor Park Industrial Estate Tolpits Lane, Watford, WD18 9SP during business hours to grab your preferred model from the brand or book a set online via our website.

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