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Are you looking for Wheel Alignment for your vehicle?


The process of making adjustments to the angles of your car's wheels to ensure that they are aligned as per the automobile manufacturer's specifications is called wheel alignment. Vehicle's wheels can be misaligned due to heavy impacts or regular wear and tear.

Driving with misaligned wheels can reduce the longevity of your car tyres and affect your driving experience. Furthermore, improper wheel alignment can also put your safety in jeopardy while driving. Hence, it’s imperative that you opt for wheel alignment Watford in case you’re experiencing any symptom of misaligned wheels. Turn to us YE Corner Tyres for prompt computerised wheel alignment at affordable rates.

Clear signals of improper wheel alignment

Car drifts to one side

Perform this simple test to check if your vehicle’s wheels are aligned properly. When driving on a straight road with minimal traffic, let go of the steering wheel. If your vehicle drifts to one side, the chances are that the wheels are not aligned correctly. Visit our reliable wheel alignment garage Watford to address the issue immediately.

Off-centre steering wheel

Pay close attention to the emblem on your car’s steering wheel when driving down a straight road. Does it tilt towards the left or right? This is a clear indication that the wheels of your car are not aligned properly.

A loose steering wheel

A sloppy or loose steering wheel can jeopardise your on-road safety as it delays the response time when making a turn. Don’t compromise on your safety, and drive down to YE Corner Tyres immediately if you’re detecting this symptom.

Inconsistent tread wear

Does it appear that the tread on one or more tyres is wearing out faster than the others? This is a clear indication that your car wheels are misaligned.

Squealing tyres

As the tyres continue to wear out inconsistently due to incorrect wheel alignment Watford, they’ll start making high-pitched noises while accelerating or cornering. Nevertheless, your car’s tyres may also squeal owing to worn out brake pads. Hence, it's essential that you visit a trustworthy garage for an efficient solution.

How is wheel alignment Watford carried out?

To align the wheels of a vehicle properly, our technicians will adjust the wheel angles, using the latest computer technology and tools, so that they are in line with the car manufacturer’s specifications.

These are the three main wheel angle adjustments made:


Toe refers to where the front of your vehicle’s wheel is with respect to its back when seen from the top. If the wheel points towards the centre of your car, it is known as toe-in or positive toe. On the flip side, if it points away from the centre of your vehicle, it is known as toe-out or negative toe.


Camber refers to the angle of your car’s wheel when one views it from the front of the vehicle. In case the top of the wheel tilts towards your vehicle, it is known as negative camber. On the contrary, if a wheel leans away from your car, it is said to have positive camber.


This refers to the angle of your vehicle’s steering axis when you view it from the side of your car. In the case of a positive caster, the steering axis leans towards the driver’s seat. However, if there’s a negative caster, it means that the steering axis leans towards the vehicle’s front i.e., away from the driver’s seat.

This angle is responsible for providing control and directional stability. If your car’s steering wheel feels a bit heavy or light, this indicates a misaligned caster.

Your quest for the most efficient and cost-effective computerised wheel alignment Watford ends here with YE Corner Tyres. So, put an end to your “wheel alignment garage near me” searches and come to our facility during business hours.

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