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Are you looking for Wheel Balancing for your vehicle?


It is imperative that your vehicle's wheels are accurately balanced for optimum driving performance and maximum on-road safety. Unbalanced wheels will significantly increase your car's fuel consumption and cause extreme discomfort while driving.

Therefore, experts recommend car owners opt for wheel balancing once every year or after it has travelled 5000-6000 miles, whichever comes first.

If you notice odd tyre wears or face difficulty while steering your car, these may be signs of unbalanced wheels and require immediate assistance.

Drive over to YE Corner Tyres; we are a trusted wheel balancing garage Watford. Our state-of-the-art wheel balancing technology helps us in providing accurate wheel balancing checks. Our team of technicians assesses the weight distribution across your car’s wheel and tyre assemblies and adds eco-friendly counterweights to balance it out appropriately.

Why opt for wheel balancing Watford?

    • To enhance vehicle stability and control
    • Improves your vehicle's fuel economy
    • Significantly increases tyre durability by reducing uneven wear
    • Experience on-road driving comfort to the maximum, etc.

Factors causing wheel imbalance

    • Damaged shock absorbers and other suspension components
    • Incorrect tyre pressure
    • Corroded wheel rims
    • Frequent driving over rough terrains, potholes and speed bumps
    • Defects in tyres and wheels
    • Weight discrepancy around the wheel's valve stem hole
    • Inaccurate tyre fitting, etc.

What are the symptoms of wheel imbalance?

Significantly reduced fuel economy-

Vehicles with unbalanced wheels consume more as they work harder to make more revolutions per minute to cover a certain distance. This leads to a considerable drop in your vehicle's mileage.

Driving discomfort-

Damaged shock absorbers, struts and bearings will fail to absorb shocks causing an excessive jerky and unstable ride, adding to your driving discomfort.

Rapid and uneven tread wear-

Cars with unbalanced wheels will lead to premature tyre wear. Driving with worn-out tyres will jeopardise your driving safety. Hence, it is important that you opt for wheel balancing Watford on time.

Apart from these signs, you will also notice the following-

    • Odd vibrations in the steering wheel
    • Reduced steering responsiveness
    • Poor acceleration, etc.

Ignoring these symptoms will further damage other components of your car and increase your repair/replacement bills in the long run. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that you opt for our professional wheel balancing Watford at the earliest.

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